How to edit the website

  • Accept the invitation to contribute email (from, then tell me you've done this so I can promote you to admin status.
  • Go to, sign in if needed, then click Pages from the dashboard menu.
  • Click on the page you'd like to edit from the right, or click "+ New Page" to create a new one.
  • You can also edit a page by clicking the pencil icon directly on the page.
  • Note: If you create a new page, it won't show up automatically in the navigation menu. Tell me and I'll add it.
Other important information
  • Changing certain settings in the Layout, Theme, and Settings sections can cause the website to experience various issues until a backup can be reinstated. 
  • Feel free to look around in those sections to see how everything works, but try not to change anything. 
  • If you do by mistake, most likely it can be easily fixed.
- Ethan